NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS


Let’s hope!.. Anyway thanks for the pics Robert


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Im not sure if we discussed this before, but are they planning to build a cantilever over 275 5th? Or are they going to build directly on top of it/put supports through the existing structure? We knew they ownd 275 but I was always curious why they left it. But the on site rendering and some old blueprints have shown that they will build part of the main tower over the north half of 275. Never noticed it before today though. And they had started prepping 275 over a month ago it seems from the updates.


This could be topped out by this time next year. Looks like its moving at a floor a week.




Looks like there is going to be a cantilever over the other smaller bulings.


This is speeding. Took shots last week which aren’t edited yet. You guys definitely don’t need it now, good job NYC & walpole.


Thanks, Tec


I’m glad that this crap is gone.


This will do magic for the street. Getting rid of blight on the corner. I’m surprised the two smaller, 4 story structures next to it weren’t snatched up. But in this day and age, something could rise there as well.


I agree, Chris.

The developers own 4 E 30th and several of the little heaps to the south of the site on 5th.

Another tower will rise in time on the garage site to the east.

PS: Did you see this angel at the auto show?




Indeed, sir!!’



Nice photos all around Robert.


Nice photos Robert! Here are some I also snapped today.


Nice shots nyc



The cantilever has started.