NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


That looks absurd


Looks like a crossover of sperm, the Singer Building and a very decorative spoon


i actually like it, i wish the pod on top was a little bigger to balance out the stem, or maybe have the top flare out a little more.


London has lost it. But it could be their iconic ugly building, just like Beijing’s Pearl Tower or Tokyo’s Skytree or Berlin’s TV tower… or New York’s 432 Park Ave.


NYC’s iconic ugly (or at least most hated) building has to be the MetLife/PanAm building north of Grand Central.

432 Park Ave is too symmetrical and linear to be truly ugly. In my mind its not so different from the old WTC; its not a great design, but somehow I’m pleased its/was there.

On the other hand, a gray slab 300 feet wide dropped in the middle of Park Ave with a flat top and no ornamentation isn’t endearing (and I generally admire Mies).

Funny how the site dictates that Chase will also be a slab but hopefully it will be a more attractive one.

MetLife has 2.8 Msf so 270 will actually be a 300Ksf less bulky building on 10 more floors (and higher ceilings obs)


I sure hope London’s planning commission torpedoes this, though looking at their skyline, I’m beginning to wonder if they even have a planning commission at all (who approved the Walkie Talkie? Do you really need two Cheesegraters side by side? Is there any master plan here?)

I hope that His Majesty Lord Baron Foster of Thames Bank is bold in his 270 design, but hopefully not this bold.


Some cities actually look better without skyscrapers, London is one of them. They need to be careful as not to try being a city like Dubai in building ridiculous towers just for the fun of it.


I like that… “iconic ugly”. It kinda is, but in a weird way, IMO, I never thought much of it. Metlife is one of those towers that you don’t really think of. I walked past it the other day, looked at it, and said “meh”.

Went on with my business.

Like if “drymouth” was a tower, that’s what met life is. Its just architectural dryness. So dry… that you can taste the Sahara.


Am I the only who doesn’t mind this? hahah. London’s skyline is eccentric It’s kind of what makes it original


I think it’s cool looking. But someone said in another thread that London is starting to look like a circus and I really can’t deny that :joy:.


270 Park will be Beautiful !


You can say, it looks like a giant adult toy if I’m reading between the lines.

I think the problem is the height. I’ve always said that height is a no-no if the design is odd or poor in taste.

Relating this back to 270 Park, we should hope and stay positive that this will be a excellent design (I hope once again), because if its crap, its 1400-1600 ft worth of skyline damage.


I’d be happy with either of the designs shown. I don’t but the massing model Koolaid. I think that’s basically what will rise.


From yesterday- tower hoist going up! I forsee this coming down sooner than later.


It still looks full. Any word on when the building will be abandoned?


The hoist is probably being installed to help remove all the interiors from the building – certain floors will probably be left for gutting before others and they don’t want all the stuff getting carried thru the lobby


Great insight, thanks. Reminds you of what a monumental undertaking this is!


Wouldn’t certain permits be needed to put up the hoist (even to just remove interiors)?


those permits are filed and granted, along with a ton of others to do non structural demo and fire safety rerouting


awesome to hear!