NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


I doubt that it will be less than 1,400’, but I strongly suspect that those are the actual renderings — not massing designs.


I fixed this post :smiley:





Lol that looks ridiculous.

But I like it.


The clues might be in 425 Park, 55 HY and Comcast Tech Center.



Are those official renderings? It looks a little different. It seems to have more setbacks. I like it.


This would be a really good spot for a “Shanghai World Financial Center” like design. Can you imagine it with an opening atop? O man…

It would really be a shame if the design is lackluster given its size/dominance.

A box can work… but the facade and design will make or break it.


I’ll just quote this from the city realty article:

In a statement, Foster said, “The building design is set to respond to its historic location as well as the heritage of JP Morgan, and we look forward to working with them to realise their vision for a new global headquarters for the company.”

Maybe it will have a facade that works with the heritage of Park Ave?


That’s not happening.


Yeah I’m ready for disappointment, but I’m trying to keep my spirit up lol.

But I guess I should prepare my jack and coke when we find out.


I recommend looking at nude photos of Selena Gomez. That always makes me happy.


As much as we like to blame Foster, it really comes down to the developer and the constraints they have for the architect. I have no doubt that Foster would love to not only have the tallest new tower in New York City, but one proclaimed as an icon for the city as well. He has actually accomplished such an icon with 30 St Mary Axe in London, the only other alpha++ city in the world. So if JPMorgan is bullish on design and willing to shell out the funds for it, then I’m sure Foster will deliver something spectacular.
But maybe Dimon isn’t looking for an icon? Maybe he just wants efficiency and maximized office space, and that’s where he wants a Foster to focus his efforts and budget? At the end of the day, Foster is going to deliver for his client what they want. And it may just be that they don’t give a damn about aesthetics. I pray that that’s not the case.

But this why the city should have a say in what rises to enormous heights and changes the city’s identity forever.


None of those images are official. The 3d render was done by an Instagrammer I know and the model with the 3d city is by City Realty


They should build this unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright skyscraper. Seems like the footprint would match.

Wishful dreams…


Definitely Judge Dredd / Blade Runner vibes.


I think we could use some wider, behemoth type buildings. The west side is perfect for that though.
Personally I believe its important to view this project as just a plateau-pusher.


That’s exactly how I look at it. #Bladerunnercity


This thing is going to be an absolute beast. I wish SHoP or even Zaha got the commission, but I know Foster is capable of great things too. Let’s hope he knocks it out of the park! :pray: