NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


I agree. Its a massing. Shows the sq-footage that is allowed per FAR.

Final design may be different, but will have the FAR and sq-footage indicated by the massing models.

I hope a crown and a spire is included. One of those cases where it would really be nice (if its designed well, this could very well eclipse 1600+ ft. Depending on which version is used. For all we know… 1700 + ft?


I just want to point out the size of this parcel. This thing will be stupidly massive.

I made a collage using state of the art 3dsmax (paint) to showcase the size of the parcel.


Not gonna stress about a massing. They’re just trying to get approval from the city of the general schematic, after all.

I think we’re all just on edge because we know Foster is capable of duds, particularly in our beloved city.

The height is good,but hopefully it’ll go even higher with the right design.


This building will be at least 150 feet taller than the Empire State Building. Taller than One World Trade.

And it’s much bulkier than 432 Park.

A massive, massive building that signifies Midtown East’s rebirth.

This building will be taller than every building in Hong Kong but one.

Any city in the first world would be in love with this building. They would be holding celebratory parades.


And we need to remember this is the first of many. You’ve got Pfizer, 335 Madison, Hotel Roosevelt, Grand Hyatt, 650 Madison, Rolex Building, 666 5th Avenue, Park Lane, et al- all of these sites will give way to MASSIVE towers in the next 10-15 years.

1,400-1,500 looks like it’s going to be the new plateau soon. Just a few years ago, the plateau was 700-750 feet tall.

The world capital is roaring!!!


I really think that the “massing” is basically the final design. As lame as 270 Park’s design will be, at least it will be better than Foster’s disaster at 50 HY, and it will be much taller.



Wow, look at that. It’s screaming I’m coming for you 1 WTC.


I’m really hoping they go big on this one. 1400ft is a good start, then build a crown that can add at least another 150ft. Something that will definitively end 432 Park’s dominance on the eastside of midtown.


All the more reason that this building should be architecturally significant. It will have an enormous impact on the skyline and therefore on the city’s identity. It is critical to get it right and not to just accept any design so long as it pokes higher into the clouds.



The entire reasoning behind replacing the old tower was that “the current building does not meet the needs of a 21st century banking institution”

Ok… so why does the new design not even come close to meeting 21st century aesthetics?

Do the not see what’s going on wit Hudson Yards? People respond positivity to quality design (full stop).

Why can’t American business tycoons realize how bad China is out performing the US on the “power image” front. You can’t expect to have a “global image” if the physical representation of your company is some bland, boring, insignificant building.

Quality > quantity!!! especially if you are trying to be a global leader.


This is a fantastic point. Once we have a plateau of 1500s, THEN we will see some megatall proposals.


Maybe someone can confirm but I think the tallest we can get is 2000ft because of FAA rules.


In current spots at least, yes. But those rules have exceptions.

If I already had my degree and was helming this project, I would do a stacked art-deco influenced tower with modern, metal fins going up the building culminating in a setback-filled, spiky crown with stellar lighting. Imagine a glassier, taller, newer ESB.


Requests to build higher can be made. FAA studies and so on happen. Happens all the time where they have to get FAA approval. Miami for example is one city. Due to path of airport, they have to get permission. Even if a structure is 700 ft, but it requires a 900 ft crane, that 900 ft has to get FAA approval.


Looking at the “no action” condition massing, the base resebles the ESB a lot.

Here is a massing of the base of the ESB.

Compare to the massing in “no action” plan.


I surely hope the final design has a very ESB look to it or inspiration per say. With a kickass crown I’d hope.

I just can’t see any large tower with the massing dimensions being flat in the roof. With zoning, and tapering/setback requirements, I surely hope this has a ESB feel to it.


Got it. Indeed I’ve read about the Miami situations.


Don’t count on it, Chris. Not only does Foster, the moron, insist on keeping NY in the past, but he chooses its worst period of architecture and ignores Art Deco. This will be an International-style box, and I suspect that it will be nearly identical to the “massing models.”

Poon’s 39th Street hotel looks better than this 1,400’ box (and I’m sure that the shorter version will be built).


Watch it get a height reduction, and turn out as an international box