NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


Holy crap at least as tall as One Vandy :clap::clap::clap:


Looks like midcentury redux.


Foster should be banned from New York.


God dam. Another box with no class or design. Is this final? I ask because seems like this was done very quickly, no? Only a few weeks by Foster has a lasting impact on the skyline.


Please tell me this is not the final design… please no


That will be basically it. The same thing happened with the “massing studies” that Extell submitted years ago for 217 W 57th. The final product is basically the same.


It may still be too early for this to be the final design. I’m just glad it’s in the 1400ft area (praying it doesn’t get cut down like a tree in the Amazon). JPM is looking for very large floor space, this building is going to be massive.




There’s no excuse for this kind of lazy design!



Oh I didn’t realize that was the design. Thought it was just a massing. Is this wider than the PanAm building? Still would be skyline changing at its height.


The site is an estimated 365×175


The article above mentions that this is probably not the final design. These masses were part of the massing diagrams they presented to the city. It was submitted around the same time as the announcement that Foster is designing the tower. If anything, these are the constraints from which Foster will be designing. There’s still a high chance it’ll be boxy. It’s really way too early to tell


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s just a placeholder. I wouldn’t get too worried yet.

I wish it rose above 1,500 feet but I wouldn’t mind a roof height of 1,400 and a spire or crown going past 1,500.


The tiered massing is promising. If this has a crown, it could be a classic tower. Hopefully these renderings are not even close to the final design though:

That’s almost indistinguishable from a 60’s box.


It says it’s a massing. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions.



I know this isnt a stellar design (keep in mind it’s a massing right now), but I dont know what all the grumpiness is about. We’re getting 57th street type heights with Hudson yards type mass… this could be the single biggest skyline changer since the twins.


I know we really have become spoiled huh.