NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


Let’s see if Norm comes through.


Hopefully we get more than just a plain glass tower, maybe something like 1VB, 157W57, or even 35HY.


Knowing foster, we could end up with a gem:

or a missed opportunity:

or somewhere in between:

I’m hoping for a gem obviously.


In other words, will it be the next 30 St Mary Axe - an icon of an iconic city - or another 4b box? What will it be, Lord Baron Foster of Thames Bank?

I’m not holding my breath.


Some texture would be nice. 1 Vandy has texture and glass. Something this tall needs a crown too ha!


I miss the optimism I once had. I remember a time where I would see news like this and get excited and believed that it could happen.
Now all I have is a lot of skepticism and cynicism.
I predict this is going to be dull and lame like 90% of what Norman puts out.
I would be very surprised if this has an interesting crown.
I hope I am wrong but I have over the years become blasé to most news lol.
This probs will be a disappointment.



Some of Foster’s designs are getting more Art Deco lately. Hopefully it’ll be one of those, not the usual dreck they’ve made for NYC.


set to respond to it’s historic location

Oh boy. The building is surrounded by 60s buildings, well, save for one. 425 Park Ave had a similar issue, where a similar thing was said, and it’s design was sleek and modern but still a throwback in ways to the 60s buildings around it and the one beneath it.

I fear this will turn out as a 1200+ foot monument to international boxes.


My thoughts exactly.


Foster sucks, but let’s hope for the best. 425 is very nice!


Agreed. I’m basically praying.


In nomine patri, et fillii…



What do you guys think about the BofA tower?

Jamie is a very passionate CEO and feel like he wouldn’t settle for something less spectacular than that to one up them.


Part of me really wants this to be the defining tower of this boom. Like the Empire State building of our time. Something that you’re gonna look at and know that’s iconic NYC. I know I’m asking for much. But there hasn’t been boom like this in 100 years. Let’s get a little crazy.


I have a high hopes for this tower. This is a huge project on a marquis spot. Jaime D won’t let us down, and Old Norm can deliver when he’s asked to. He did a great job with 425 Park, among other projects.


whomp there it is.


Is there any hope of getting the 1,567 ft version?


Probably not. But the fact that 1567’ is as of right leaves room for it to grow beyond 1400’. I hope this will surpass Willis Tower.