NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


Does this mean under 300m???


where in his interview do you see 300M and below, im confused.


Spritzer isn’t involved in 270 Park, he’s referring to his own projects. It would be a stunning turn of events if 270 wasn’t at least a supertall.


My mistake, I’m just so ready to be dissapointed that I put the carriage before the horse


I’m waiting to be disappointed with the design :laughing:

But this one should be quite large. It’s been reported that they’ve amassed almost 800,000 sqft of air rights (and may still be looking for more). Add to the fact that this plot is absolutely enormous, and the fact that they’re very cramped for space in a 700 ft tower (and renting out lots of space elsewhere), and I think odds are in our favor. The NYT claims 1200ft but I can see it going taller.


NY hasn’t built a single disappointing supertall.


I agree, except the NYT Tower is horrendous. But does that even count as a supertall?


I’m prepared for a conservative design, that seems to be the way of things with big financial companies. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be much taller than 1200’.

JPMC is one of the few companies with the resources to spare no expense. If they’re really planning to consolidate many offices into this one building (including the flexibility for future growth), I’d honesty be surprised if this wasn’t at least as large as One Vanderbilt.


Especially with the large trading floors and ceiling heights typical for those floors. This can easily be 1200-1600 ft if we allocate the space a certain way, bar any sort of architectural crown or element. Hopefully its not a rectangle, but something nice. Here’s to hoping! :beers:


I’m guessing 1,600’. The King of Wall Street will make a statement with this tower.


this is going to be a thicc tower. I’m expecting more in the 1100-1200 range. The wording from the preliminary reports was “as much as 500’ taller”


they could be talking roof height, or highest occupied floor/


Honestly, anything less than 1500 ft I would consider a disappointment :laughing:


This is gonna be big. I have a feeling it’ll crack the 1550’ mark. Its a lot of development rights, factored that in with class A space accommodated for banking/trading, and your looking at quite high ceiling heights. Along with the amenities that are staples in banking towers, and this will be a biggie. Spire or not is what I’m wondering, but bulk wise, I think at a minimum this will be 1400’. At a minimum.

Just as a reference, Vanderbilt is 1.7 mil-sq ft. Will share similar class A space. IF we are talking 1.8 - 2.4 mil-sq ft, its a very real possibility.

This will be a trophy tower for an elite bank.

With the continued acquisition of rights from Grand Central.


200 West is a true trophy building and only 750 ft…

It probably will be a big ass tower but I doubt it will be quite in the 1500 range, because buildings that tall usually are just impractical. When you’re getting into the hundred floor range the logistics get pretty nasty


Though unlikely I hope it’s about 1500 feet, I hope this tower is a gem. It would be nice to get an 1800 footer one day but you’d have better luck lifting a jet liner with your pinky than that happening


Depending upon the crown, I can easily see this reaching 1,500 feet.


Well I built this in near 1:1 scale in Minecraft to see how it would come out.

I guess one advantage is the sort of “I built the tallest building ever demolished when it was standing” bragging rights but I did it mainly out of boredom. ‘Tail’ not shown.


Foster+Partners will design, much to @robertwalpole 's dismay I’m sure.


Hahahaha I was about to post that, poor Robert, he’s not gonna be pleased with this at all.