NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


I think SOM should get to design the new tower just like 1865 Broadway. They designed the original, gets torn down, then they design the new one! Plus they are great at designing very large towers.


There is no way any landmarking movement is going to get in the way of JP Morgan, for better or worse they have too much clout.

SOM also designed the former Bear Stearns HQ nearby, which which is also owned by JP Morgan/Chase, and is completely dreadful. I’d like to see them think outside the box for this one.


Go big or go home…lets see a 1500+ footer!!!


New York has many excellent examples of International style buildings: Lever, Seagram’s, Chase, MetLife. I too would prefer to see a contemporary supertall, instead of keeping this style from an era where all the skyscrapers seemed to be built to be 700 feet tall (zoning?). Somebody has already updated the wiki on 270 Park Ave which makes it sound like the 1200 footer is a fait accompli:)


Don’t forget about Saarinen’s CBS Building.


Or the UN Secretariat building, etc.

The fact is that for every notable International Style building there are at least 30 mediocre or schlocky boxes.


User sbarn on SSP created this mockup to get an idea of the impact on the skyline:

270 PARK VISION by scottbarnholt, on Flickr

Original Photo Credit:
Untitled by Stefan Georgi, on Flickr


Cool. Taller!


I still can’t believe that they will wind up demolishing the tower it just seems like it would be extremely expensive. from my perspective its better than many international style buildings but no where near the Seagram and Leverhouse


I am amazed. Expect this type of demo in the Midtown East/GC area, but not ‘so soon’?
277 Park looks good as well.


700k extra sf already acquired.


tearing that building down is another example of the evil patriarchy trying to keep women under it’s thumb; worse yet, it is now destroying the memory of female accomplishments

but that’s how the NYT and Curbed articles read…


This building is going to be almost directly behind One Vanderbilt so were looking at the formation of a cluster of super-talls looking south in that area. Fun times!


ambitious, if true.

The company was tapped to build a new, 70-story office tower that will span 2.5 million square feet, sources said. JPMorgan plans to raze the existing 52-story building and begin construction on the new tower by 2019.


I hope that this is at least 1,500’ tall.


I want to believe that with AECOM Tishman and SOM (perhaps) we’ll get a massive tower out of this. Fingers crossed.

One Vandy bought 525,000 sqft of air rights, so far it says Chase has purchased almost 800,000.


tremendous video!!


Lets hope you are right and that they deliver the goods


That monkey always cracks me up. Did that article say by 2019?
Photo from 2010



"How do you feel about the redevelopment of 270 Park Avenue?

What JP Morgan Chase is doing at 270 is spectacular for the city and Park Avenue. As the Hudson Yards and other new office developments downtown have spurred major relocations, it has become evident that Park and Sixth avenues need some re-investment. The new 270 Park will be the first of many such efforts I imagine.

With supertalls increasingly tenable across the City at all market points do you see yourself embarking on any sky-high endeavors in the next decade?

I hate to speculate – right now we are busy with great projects that reach pretty far up, but not quite that tall. Time will tell.

As a Governor of New York, what interests do you think were most problematic in preventing the repeal of the limit on residential FAR, and how do you think Albany’s seemingly imminent action on this long-overdue item will impact the city and housing affordability?

I actually doubt that the FAR repeal will make it through the legislature – but I think smart up-zoning in the right neighborhoods will be good for the growth of the city and the much-needed increase in housing stock."