NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


inside source says prepare for disappointment.

expect a box with exterior set perimeter columns


that description doesn’t raise any alarms. We know from the massing there will be setbacks so this could end up better than 425 Park.


Yeah, “exterior set perimeter columns” à la 425 Park would be great here. Enhances the verticality of the building unlike the square grids of 432 Park or Tower Fifth that most people don’t like


I’m not expecting anything dramatic like 30
HY or 1 Vandy, but I’ll be elated with a 1,400’ version of 425 Park.


Yea but likewise in many cases the majority of people don’t like something.

And I bow to the will of the majority. especially when it relates to something as public as urban architecture.

Why subject everyone to something when the majority doesn’t like it?


I assume that it will basically look like the massive model. It’s hardly Verre or 1 Vandy, but I’ll take a 1,400’ tower that looks like that.


I had one of those minor eureka moments when I read about the exterior columns.

Its a reference to One Chase Manhattan Plaza, now known as 28 Liberty Street (finished 1961 w/ ~2M sf over 60 floors).


When I used to work downtown I always loved passing through the plaza and looking up at this building.


Sounds like awfully conformist thinking. I’m never going to get on board with that, with “bowing to the majority” on everything I think, believe, or like.


Lol well i’m not sure i’ll ever get on board with the idea that “anything goes” because of “personal preferences.”

There is such a thing as bad design and most mid-century commercial architecture is bad design. I’m not saying bow to the majority, i’m saying some things are objectively bad and why subject everyone to something that’s objectively bad (just because a few like it).


Really keeping my fingers crossed for a nice art deco MASSING at least. Like the 1550 foot model shows


A 21st Century version of the Metlife North Building would be stunning!


for the record as a designer, imho this is really well designed. and much mid century architecture is revered as great design — even some brutalism! In my experience, any style can be great, or shit design.


That kinda looks like the unfinished Northern Met life tower at MSP - I like it.


I think that’s exactly what it is.


With all due respect, not everyone agrees that 270 is bad. There are a decent number of architecture critics who think that this building has merit.


Yea but like I said there are lots more who think it’s ugly. Just because a small group of people like something does not mean everyone should be subjected to it.

Modernism on a commercial/urban scale have ended up being desirous for streetscapes around the world.

I love mid century modern houses but I have seen very few mid century commercial buildings that I have liked. And I’m extremely confident the vast majority of people agree with me.



looks like things are just about ready.


So you’re a mind reader now? Cute. It’s amazingly cocky that you honestly claim to know what the “vast majority” of people are thinking, or that they share your taste. You’re nowhere near as objective as you claim to be.