NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


the demolition is going to be great to track and watch. really looking forward to it. I have not seem anything on this scale be dismantled before.


I thought this happened already, but maybe it wasn’t finalized until now. I doubt it will mean any change in building size from what we’ve heard


Sorry, I just can’t get on board with everyone who’s actually looking forward to seeing the current building come down :(:cry::sob:


^Its for a good cause. My hope is it gets replaced by a beautiful international style tower with art deco massings.


In terms of office space, new is better than these midcentury buildings. They are horrible. Low ceilings, asbestos, decaying plumbing and electric, no insulation, drafty, some you can still smell cigarette smoke from when they allowed smoking indoors.

They’re not much to look at from the outside either.


this is an exception to that; renovated to platnium LEED- Top of the line. But Chase wants to consolidate and this Midcentury gem just doesn’t have enough space.


I just wish Chase could have sold this tower (It’s in great shape), and bought another site in the immediate area. There’s plenty of buildings in the area that a lot fewer people would miss.
Some of the midcentury buildings around are pretty decent- buildings like 277 Park Avenue, which have been lovingly maintained and cared for throughout their lives, for example. But 425 Park was in a wretched state, that’s probably what colrain was talking about. It didn’t look to have been well cared for, and it had never fully recovered from a fire which wreaked havoc on its electrical systems.


All those mid-century buildings are awful in my opinion.


I have to agree on that. There’s too many in Philadelphia that make me wish they weren’t built


To me, writing off all buildings of a given time period seems awfully arbitrary. There are some buildings of that time period which I really like, others not so much. 270 is one of the good ones.


I’m writing them all off because there isn’t one skyscraper from that period that I like.

There are some low rises from that period that I like (Lincoln Center for example) but no good high rises. In my opinion.

I think most people would agree that post war architecture in large part is pretty awful.


Seagram Building and Lever House among others are historic and deservedly so. Can’t write off an entire generation of buildings with a pen stroke. Sorry.


Guys, people can have different opinions that’s fine, I’m sure it comes down to personal tastes and I don’t think anyone is right or wrong, just opinions. I know people who think the Verizon building looks nice. Now that we can all agree is a wrong opinion. Hahahah no just kidding, its good to debate and discuss but just remember that everyone has a different brain and different eyes. Different things will look nice to different people and thats fine. It makes it more interesting actually.
Cheers lads


Chicago has rows and rows of post-war skyscrapers and international buildings and everyone finds it beautiful.


Truth. I rather like how 270 and 277 resemble each other, how they look like a pinstriped couple across the avenue from each other. I also like how the XYZ buildings all work together, and I adore One Astor Plaza aka 1515 Broadway’s spiky limestone crown. Architecture’s like fashion in a way- with any given style, some people will love it or hate it.


Hey hopefully the new tower mimics that! It could keep that ribbon look.


elevator going up


I hope that Norm doesn’t screw us.


the process still moving along


This will be 1414 to top. Trust me…