NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS


I was hoping to get to NYC and see this building one more time before they got started, looks like I’m not going to get my wish :sob::cry::cityscape:

I wonder if they will set up a webcam like 425 did?


I was hoping that too.

Shame to see it go, since it was one of my favorite international boxes, but bring on the big boy boxes


They are progressing up and down 48th st and moving up with the hoist.


the bells toll for 270 Park




I have some adorable pics of me taken around NYC, hugging various skyscrapers. I really wanted to get to this one and hug her too :frowning: Could somebody do it in my place? I even got 277 across the street, but was too intimidated by the security fencing around the front of the building to try- it didn’t occur to me that I could get the sides or the tail.


Goodbye, 270.

You were a good tower.

But the world capital marches on.


Poor 277’s going to lose its partner- I always liked how both towers looked so similar, like one was designed to compliment the other. I wish they could have spared this building and built their new HQ nearby.


rapid progress on scaffolding already





I agree with the board that JPMC needs to come up with an alternative offering to the public, preferably in public transit.


Yes exactly. They can’t just ask for all the extra air rights and the city gets 3/4 of the agreed space in return. Finding the space for the full 10k sq. ft. shouldn’t be too hard for a large company with plenty of money. Hopefully this doesn’t derail the project for too long


So we’re basically talking about the diffeeence between the as-of-right, taller version with a 10K sq ft public space vs. the shorter version with the smaller public space? Funny, we’d assumed JPM would have no trouble getting an exception, but maybe this roadblock will force them to build the taller tower.


this tower will already be directly connected to Metro North


I find it unbelievable the bank didn’t offer something paltry like $5-10M for local transit upgrades.

They wouldn’t even feel a loss that small.


Chase and other investors are paying millions towards Grand Central maintenance as well as a neighborhood improvement fund.


That group of investors stands to make $200 million or more from the air rights sale, several sources familiar with the deal said. They will have to pay at least 5% of that amount, or roughly $10 million, to fund maintenance for Grand Central Terminal, which is controlled and operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The owners will also have to pay a portion of a $40 million contribution to public-realm improvements in the neighborhood that are required under the rezoning plan.


That’s referring to the group of investors, such as billionaire Michael Dell, who sold the Grand Central air rights to JPMorgan. Of their 200 million dollar profit, they’ll have to fork over these sums.

JPMorgan is supposed to itself offer public services in exchange for the deal, which they are now trying to weasel their way out of. The city should ensure that this doesn’t happen.


^Damn straight. We can’t let them pull that kind of weaseling, it sets a hell of a bad precedent. Also, they’re crying spilt milk over a train shed under the building? Well, what the hell did they think was down there when Union Carbide built the existing tower in the first place? If Union Carbide could work around that mess 60 years ago, surely it can be done again.


The shed is up on 48th and they are about to put one up along Madison next.