NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1400 FT | 70 FLOORS



Wow! Seems like they are staying put. I wonder how much bigger 270 will get from the renovations over the next 5 years. With all those available air rights for purchase, they could likely build much taller than it is now. Will be interesting to see how they do it. I could see this going way above 1000 ft and probably closer to 1500+ if they want to get 15,000 employees in there.


Pretty amazing, it will either make the reconstruction of 425 look like peanuts or be one hell of a demolition!


True, and going off of how long it takes to rennovate buildings like 425park and 380/390madison, the 5 years to renovate 270 sounds pretty realistic, although it could be longer if the expansion is huge.


I just reread the post article. Looks like instead of renovation and expansion it will be a full demo according to the article. That may actually be faster than renovations although the current building is huge so who knows. Kinda sad though- i like 270 how it is now. Looks real nice. Was hoping they could just build it taller somehow and keep the original look. Hopefully we see some initial renderings soon. Im hoping for something awesome and very tall from maybe ASGG, SOM, or KPF. SHoP would also be awesome.


Demo seems to be the plan, if its true it’ll be the tallest building voluntarily demo’d which is cool in its own right


Another midcentury box bites the dust. Good riddance.


I just had to remind myself again what it looked like. It isnt that great I guess but it isnt bad. No doubt whatever replaces it will be much better though. I also forgot that this building technically goes all the way to Madison on the base. So the site is actually pretty big, and is larger than where the majority of the main tower sits. I want to estimate that the lot size could be about as big as the spiral, 30hy, or 50hy.




The site is huge and deserves something better. Vanderbilt Ave. terminates at that block too, bookending with the Lincoln building. Hopefully the architects will take that into account.


The New York Times article says

“The new tower will soar as much as 500 feet higher than the existing 52-story headquarters on the west side of Park Avenue and contain an additional one million square feet of office space.”

The old Chase building is 700ft, so this could potentially be 1200ft!!!



The World capital!


NY making history again. The biggest demo will occur.

This Midtown rezoning is going to skyrocket the amount of super talls.

I do hope more stacking occurs in general versus full on demo, but we should probally expect many more super talls, considering the average height for Midtown East tends to be 600-700 ft.


I assume theyre only demolishing the portion of the building fronting Madison, not the tower itself. It’s a mid century gem which should be landmarked and incorporated into the new HQ.


Why would you assume that when the article clearly states it’s coming down?


I’m wary to use the phrase “fake news” but initial reports or announcements have a tendency to be inaccurate. I’ll wait until there’s more news directly from chase to confirm that they are going spend a myriad of resources to go through with the demolition of a 700 foot skyscraper on a busy thoroughfare.
What we do know is that either way, we’ll be getting a new office supertall for NYC at the site of 270 Park. I’m eager to hear more.


Very true but based on the preliminary statements, it sounds as if the Times piece was talking about it having a roof height of 1200’. In theory and have the last “occupable” floor be around that height and they could go the route of 1 Vandy or 30 HY and have a “Mechanical” crown easily boosting 200’-300’



What a time to be alive! The whole grand central rezoned area will be insane!
Even the whole demolition process will be something to behold


270 & 277 aren’t bad boxes though but I guess 270 does not meet their 21st century needs. Midtown East will see some massive demos and reconstruction in the next decades as a lot the 20th century office buildings are replaced to compete with the west side.


Come to think of it, it makes sense that the 1200 ft is to the roof. If there is some sort of crown or architectural pinnacle added, this in theory could be greater than 1200 ft.