NEW YORK | 265 Broadway | 510 FT | 42 FLOORS


Great scoop from Yimby!

I’ve always hated this little PoS building!!!

PS: I just read that Kaufman is the architect. Let’s hope it’s not to bad. I went from elation to trepidation.


Kaufman on Broadway? Yikes.




I hope he does not create one of his heinous towers here.




Another great scoop by YIMBY!

This is surprisingly decent !


Hmm. IMHO, this looks better than 19 Dutch, but is put to shame by the two projects across the park on Park Row. I was hoping for better.


No scrupulous developer would hire Kaufman for a ‘four star’ hotel.


I agree, but this is way better than I expected with Kaufman on board.


i’ll reserve judgement until we see the glass.




Huh. What an unusual design. I don’t hate it.


I think it looks great, but if the site will be sold, this design may be abandoned.


For what it’s worth the new design was credited to BKSK.


I really hope it is not just Gene Kaufman. The previous renderings of the base actually reminded me a lot of his other crappy hotels ( although slightly better in this case). The crown of this new design looks really cool though. According to the latest article posted yesterday, it also may have been bumped another 50 ft to 560ft total now.