NEW YORK | 262 Fifth Ave | 1,000 FT | 54 FLOORS






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I’m worried about this. I don’t know why the oligarch can’t use glass in the front to simply cover the core. The 1,000’ metal cliff may look ridiculous.


a month later and no progress…


I hope yet that this doesn’t get built. I’m wary of a 1,000’ aluminum cliff on Fifth Ave.

The shlongs at the GVHS and on the UWS fight gorgeous new buildings that replace crap, but they acquiesce to this monstrosity. It’s crazy.


This is one building I hope doesn’t get built along with 3 Hudson Blvd. NYC wouldn’t miss it, we have other greater things going up. The fact that its in front of the ESB makes the thought even worst.


I agree, TJ


They are using precontruction sales as a metric for this rising. Very good chance it will given the market. The design though is not much to look forward too given the location. But it has what like 41 units? Wouldn’t take much to reach a quota of sales to jump start this project.


But what price per square foot do they need? I’d love to see a Stern tower here.


Its very high. 5 to 7k + a sq-ft depending on the unit. Penthouse and upper units will be the later range. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for units to exceed 50 mil. The penthouse will definitely be a contender eclipsing 70 million.

When it comes to that range, I could see it succeeding because price ranges of that nature are not bought to be lived in, but for an investment.

A pure investment being a drive for sales, I could see this rising.


If they’re looking for numbers that high then this won’t rise.

$3k/SF is reasonable – not more.


no activity on site other than another sample sale pop up at the remaining building. Where’s that shady Russian money when you need it??


I hope this doesn’t rise any time soon .


Yea this is horrible design and completely out of place. Does the city have the ability to put a stop to this building from getting built?

I’m a big believer that 5th Ave from Washington Park all the way down to the Flat Iron is the one of the best looking streets in the entire world. Building this would ruin the view of the ESB as you make that walk. This is a TERRIBLE idea in one of the most attractive parts of the city.


It would also ruin the view of the Empire State from 30 Rock. It’s like building this right next to the Eiffel Tower. SMH


Does the developer even have a construction loan yet? Looks like the DOB approved the plans almost a year ago. If they can’t get the financing together, it may be a while before this goes up.


I wouldn’t bet any money on this getting built any time soon tbh.