NEW YORK | 262 Fifth Ave | 1,000 FT | 54 FLOORS


Probably like this vvv


The idea that implicitly moves the project is aeronautics, putting people on viewing platforms – “shelves” in the air, from which the city is seen. As we move upwards, reaching 1,001 feet, we are moving vertically into space. The spatial scheme attaches floors to a backbone, which maintains and sustains the modules. The floors are structurally supported by the core and two walls, stretching parallel to Fifth Avenue, along the long axis of the Island.

The core is pushed out and isolated, while serving the residences and housing all the engineering and logistics. The spine is separate from the body in order to achieve the unobstructed volume of the apartments and providing the ability to keep the open spaces inside the residences with panoramic views. The optimal apartment plan with clear span and without vertical communications has been defined for the residence. The interiors become clean, flexible and open.

An apartment is always keeping the potential of the void. It is a shelter, experience of a room above the city. It is a void with high ceilings, constrained by two walls and two panoramic window walls. The view and its perspective reveal all of Manhattan: a 180-degree view in Northern and Southern directions.

The rooftop open room can be reserved for private events by the residents and becomes a unique amenity, with a striking view atop the skyscraper.


This tower is a pile of covfefe.


Eh, I kinda like it. I want to see it from another angle though. If that blank section flanking the tower is glass-less on all sides then I’ll agree with you


Location. Imagine if this swapped location with 53W53 ha!


This tower sucks shlong!


The proposed building sucks. Anyway, demo is proceeding.

Fortunately, the nice old building next store will remain.


I hope that these greedy putzes don’t build this heinous POS.


Agreed! This building is awful. It looks like it was designed in 5 minutes and was inspired by a concrete parking garage


If only it didn’t have that horrid wall it could be considered “decent”




I feel about this building, the way Robert feels about 50hy. Such wasted space in my opinion


50 HY is a missed opportunity because something amazing could have been built there, but I think
It will still be attractive since the materials will be amazing.

This thing, by contrast, is heinous. Having a 1,000’ blank wall on Fifth will suck.



I wonder what the eastern facade is composed of? It looks like glass, and it would be nice if they cover it in reflective glass.


It looks like a very reflective metal, then it goes up a few floors then glass


Just cover the blank concrete walls and it will be fine


There don’t appear to be any blank concrete walls.


if They cover the building’s “back” with fake windows or another decent material then I think it could actually be a nice filler.
Even though a 1000 footer like this deserved a better design.


If only this building was in midtown I wouldn’t care. It would be buried in the mass density and its ugliness would go unnoticed but no it had to be in NOMAD…ugh