NEW YORK | 262 Fifth Ave | 1,000 FT | 54 FLOORS


This is good news! It seems that the Fifth Ave side of old building will be saved.

I would not be surprised if the addition on the top comes down too.


At least the good news is that its progressing along. The demo is occurring for the 5 floor structure.

Can get an idea of the parcel size looking at the 2x5 floor and 12 floor structure there. Quite big, and we’re looking at over 300m.


I’m surprised nyguy hasn’t joined the yimby family yet.


he is pretty much the only prolific poster not here.






Nice shots, Ilny!!





I hope that this does not get built. Having that odd wall rise 1,000’ on Fifth would be heinous.


Can we please pass a law that skyscrapers aren’t allowed to have a “back”?!


Agreed. Also, 230 5th patrons would be pissed.


Honestly, I like it.

I love that there will be an observation space at the top.

The blank wall may not be as bad as a Kaufman type blank wall.



Wonder what it looks like from the west? :smirk:


This “architect” and “developer” should stay in Russia.


Well this is uninspired as hell.


this seems like it’ll be the 115 Nassau of NoMad