NEW YORK | 262 Fifth Ave | 1,000 FT | 54 FLOORS


Oct 4th

The developer owns 260 and 262 Fifth, which, as seen in the photo, are adjacent to 2 W 29th (as seen on the right side). 2 W 29th, in turn, adjoins the massive, block-through lot.

2 W 29th is a very nice, roughly 20 story tower, but I would not be surprised to see it razed.

This whole site sits directly across from HFZ’s proposed tower, the site of which is pictured here.


The owners of 256 5th, which is a nice little building, sold their air rights to the developers of 260-262 5th.

256 is the small building with the arched windows.


This tower will be very slender!


I agree. I hope that he keeps 262 though.


This tower will loom over the gorgeous little garden in front of the Church on E 29th.

262 Fifth is visible from the front of the Church.

Some of the many nearby gems!


The junky camera shop, which was the last tenant, is now gone. This building is now completely empty.

Nov 3

This tower and HFZ’s tower will be on the south and north sides of 29th St, respectively.


Good news chaps! :slight_smile:

Nyguy found this. Looks like another supertall. :slight_smile:

So from 928 ft we go to 1050 ft.



EBS will get a lot more company. There’s like 2 or 3 more big proposals nearby. I wonder if the Vornado assemblage by MSG will yield something massive.


Nov 16



This is listed at 958 feet. Presumably, the crown will exceed 1,000!


I hope that they don’t raze 260 Fifth. Nothing has been filed for 260 (i.e., the old, taller building to the left) yet.


Great news. Goes hand in hand with the new permit for scaffolding.


Forgot all about this one. Yet another potential supertall! Nomad area has so much construction going on. .

I agree, 260 is nice. Hope it stays.


Nice update Robert.


Thanks, NYC.


Yeah this is one that is really an under the radar super tall. I guess thats a good thing? That supertalls are going under the radar? lol

There is sooooo much going on, its borderline insanity.

And now… there’s a 5000 unit project planned for the South Bronx. Crazy stuff.

Another day, another 400+ units, and it goes on.




NYGuy found this:


My thoughts…

NOOOOO I don’t want the 12-story building demolished. Well it says ‘partially’ so I desperately hope most of it’s character and presence/scale are maintained! We can’t keep killing these beautiful, big, pre-war, classical buildings (Remember the lovely Bancroft building, just an empty lot now). We desperately need to change our zoning so that developers can build tall withOUT having to amass so much land and so many properties. Not only does it ever-so-slightly kill the fine-grained urbanism (created by small lots) that makes NY so great, but also dwindles our heritage little by little (no matter how small). Anyway let’s hope they are incorporating this beauty into their massive project a-la-Steinway.

Okay now that I got that off my chest! Holy Crap 1000ft!!!