NEW YORK | 261 W 34th St | 397 FT | 33 FLOORS


How much damn money does that little Arkansas bank have!? They’ve had their hands in almost every project in NYC.


It’s amazing.


This has now started! Multiple construction workers and active excavators on site



I can’t wait to see what Vornado will do next door.





You covered a lot of ground today, JC! Kate Upton thanks you.

What’s going on with Vornado’s site next door?


Nothing’s happening there yet


Thanks, Street.


Dont know if this was posted before.


Does it fan out as it rises or is that just an illusion in the photo?


Looks like it might be the photo cause the other buildings in the picture look kind of wonky too. Might be a pic from a poster or something


It’s the photo sorry, I was in a rush…to get away from the area HA!



Nice shots street!! :smiley:


I think it might fan out. The windows appear to get larger as the building rises.

I just saw these photos from Cityrealty. I guess it doesn’t fan out.


Does anyone know what’s the status of Vornado’s property on the corner of 34th and 8th.


That design is awful. Better than what stood there certainly, but awful nonetheless.

Along with the 2 Penn proposal, is there truly no hope for this area?


I pass by everyday, nothing is happening there Robert


Thanks, Street. Has a design been released for this corner? I recall seeing something.