NEW YORK | 261 W 34th St | 397 FT | 33 FLOORS


Yes. It’s a huge site.

Nov 16


Demo has finally resumed.





Can’t wait to find out what will be built here


I’m not expecting much, but a short glass box would still be a major improvement over the horrible crap that was there.




Hopefully, Virnado will raze the rest of its assemblage soon.



Chetrit has razed all of the buildings on his assemblage.

Virnado’s buildings are located just to the west.

I suspect that Virnado will now acquire that roughly five story older building. It has limited independent value outside of an assemblage.

Virnado’s buildings on its assemblage are vacant but for Famiglia on 8th, and the little crappy gift shop on 34th.

The crappy little RoasTown cafe just vacated Vornado’s 34th St building.



Neat. I like the design.


I agree.

It will be nice when Vornado proceeds with its site next door. I suspect that Virnado is in L&T court with Famiglia and with that crappy souvenier shop on 34th, as they are the only occupied buildings in Virnado’s assemblage.


Has anyone been by here?

I’m curious as to what, if anything, is occurring .


I’m there every day… nothing as of yet


Thanks, Street. I’d love to see Vornado acquire the whole site


earlier today



I can’t wait for Related to tear down its junk on that block.


If you zoom into that shot, to the right, that looks like howard stern wearing short shorts.


I think that’s a chick. I think I see tats!