NEW YORK | 261 W 34th St | 397 FT | 33 FLOORS


Apparently, Chetrit is waiting for the city to approve the demo permits for the BagMan and the adjacent POS (to the east).

Drmo started today on the little site to the east of Chetrit’s.

August 1st




Are they working on the POS next to BagMan? It looks like they’re demolishing the back end.


Finally !!!
Aug 10th


One of these days i will see myself or my car in one of your pics. Just took this a few hours ago, on my way back from laguardia.



We need to organize forum drinks some day!


I like drinks!


I’ll bet that the Bagman and the former Wendy’s next to it will be gone by the end of August.

Aug 16th

The rest of this block is nice.

Hopefully, Vornado will demolish its junk soon.

Vornado also needs to clear up this heinous mess.


Has Jeremiah lamented the loss of the famous Bag Man discount emporium?




Aug 22nd

As noted, the nearby garbage one block to the east must go!

The rest of the block, but for the two, above-noted eyesores, is quite nice.


Sep 6th

Meanwhile, Vornado is waiting for something. They own everything in these photos, but for the McDonald’s. Their either working on acquiring McD, evicting commercial tenants, or both.


Sep 13


Update: Everything from the right of Bag Man has been demolished except for the 8 story building standing alone. Demolition is now on the Bag Man building and I guess the two remaining buildings to the left are next.

The magnificent New Yorker Hotel can be seen in the background, where Nikola Tesla once lived, the pioneer of electricity. I don’t care what anyone says!



The ones to the left of Bagman belong to Vornago.


More improvement is coming to this grimy area.


Nov 16

Vornado owns everything in this photo. Clearly, it’s having issues recovering the properties from certain tenants.

The rest of the block between 7th and 8th is very nice. Soon whole stretch will be.

The stretch on the south side of 34th between 6th and 7th and the east side of 7th between 33rd and 34th is the horrible stretch that requires immediate attention!

The adjacent, east side of 7th between 34th and 33rd is equally heinous.


I hope something taller rises here. It’s a great location.


I don’t know if it will. I’m content to just clean up the corner.

Something tall eventually will rise on the Duane Reade site across the street.


You think so? about the (Duane Reade)