NEW YORK | 260-262 West (67-71 Vestry) | 137 FT | 11 FLOORS


First Peek: 67 Vestry’s New Design

August 1, 2014

Buzz Buzz Home found a schematic drawing for the new building going up at 67 Vestry (at West Street), where residents have been trying to fight developer Aby Rosen’s RFR by getting the building landmarked. The Department of Building gave the OK to RFR’s new 11-story, 42-unit building last week. From Buzz Buzz Home: “The new 50,162-square-foot development would have storage and indoor recreation space. SLCE is the architect of record. There will be six apartments per level on Floors 2 to 5, and three apartments per level on Floors 6 to 11.” Buzz Buzz Home notes that only interior demolition. permits have been filed so far: “Perhaps part of the existing building will be salvaged?” Below: The building as it is now.