NEW YORK | 250 West 81st Street | 209 FT | 18 FLOORS


This one is turning out nicely.


Nice shots, Chused. It’s a beauty.


Color and trim fit very nicely into the neighborhood.


It looks great.

Nice shots, Chused.


Exterior facade is basically complete. Scaffold on upper floors shouldn’t be up very much longer.


Taken this morning. I like this one—probably one of Stern’s best. I think his lower scale designs tend to be better than the tall ones. The details on this one are especially nice—fitting in well with the lower height surroundings including Zabar’s and creating a beautifully modulated facade. It’s a nice addition to the UWS.


Commercial facades at ground levels are now going in. This continues to be a good building for the UWS.









As most of us predicted as this one began to gain its skin 250 West 81 is a really nice building—too expensive for all but a few but aesthetically delightful.


When you compare the floor counts and windows between this and its neighbors you see how different the scale is, and how they tried to hide it.


Easctly. It’s one of the reasons this one came out so well. The massing and scaling is first rate. It shows Stern’s talents in smaller projects and also demonstrates how hard it is for him and others to get the same areas right on much larger buildings. That’s why a project like 35 Hudson Yards is so special and rare. Getting it done well on huge buildings is a major accomplishment.