NEW YORK | 250 West 81st Street | 209 FT | 18 FLOORS


250 W 81


That looks great!




Forms for first below grade level well along.


Just about ready for concrete pour of ground floor. This one will be above ground quite soon.


Above ground.


When will the floor plans be available?


There’s a Playboy centerfold-style photo of this building, which is as luscious as that of the most beautiful PMOTY!!!




I agree, Street. Stern delivers!!!

Also, the UWS is beautiful!!!


Rising quickly.




Now above Zabar’s and the rest of the building line on the west side of Broadway between 80th and 81st.


While Zabars is an institution, I’d like to see that building come down.


Agreed. The Zabars building is crap and needs to go.

I would prefer a new building and then Zabars can take modern space in the new structure.


Sorry but as a resident of the area I have to disagree. Zabars is such a major institution (and tourist site) on the UWS it has to stay. The company owns the building. I suspect if they tried to tear it down the neigjborhood would go bananas and rightfully so. I love that place and enjoy its eccentric sppearance. It is part of what makes for a neighborhood.


I certainly respect your opinion, Chused.


Thanks. Not every lowrise weird building needs to be replaced with a newbie. What’s a great city without some surprises and variations. Every time I walk around New York City I am surprised by what I find when I turn a new corner. That’s why I love living here.


I agree. I actually favor preservation. However, I think that The Zabars faux Tudor elements look out of place on the UWS.


I agree with Chused. The downside to a lot of the new development is the anywhere USA effect.