NEW YORK | 250 West 81st Street | 209 FT | 18 FLOORS


NEW YORK | 2255 Broadway

Lots of action today. New perimeter fencing is being built and excavation equipment is on site. Digging should begin soon.



Nice shots, Chused

This will be nice!


The elevation image posted on the CityRealty site suggests this may be a more interesting building than the one under construction a block south at 80th and Broadway. Time, of course, will tell.


So this is the same as 2255 Bway. Merge thread?


Yes. Merge.





Like the design.


Wow! That’s nice!!!


A more detailed rendering is needed, but even based on the DOB one, you can tell it’s a grade above your average development. Works with the area.


Foundation walls almost complete. This will reach street level soon. Picture is lousy because views obstructed but here it is.


Nice shots, Chused


Very reminiscent of 20 East End Ave.


Got a better shot today along with the posted rendering of the 81st Street side. Looks like it may be better than the nearby apartment going up a block south at 80th. Time will tell.


My money is on this actually being a Stern or Pennoyer building. The bay windows on each side scream Stern. The setback looks like Pennoyer’s building on E.78. Plus, GHW is a classic AOR. Either way a huge asset for the neighborhood.


That would be nice. From my close look at the rendering it did seem to be that brick is not the primary facade material. So you may be right about the possible architects. In any case it may turn out to be a building much more compatible with some classic UWS apartment buildings than much of the other stuff that has recently been built. Though, as an aside, the two apartments recently completed on 77th between Broadway and Amsterdam, though quite modern, are nicely designed.



Another gem from Stern!
Looks like the Harrison & 20 EEA had a baby.
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Can you repost the photo? Nothing shows up?