NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


Nice shot, Brome.

Do you have any updates for 75 Nassau and SLG’s B’Way and Fulton site?


Not much visible progress at either site. I see workers there, but it looks like demolition may be a slow process in both places.


The facade on 5 Beekman looks unfinished. Its kinda sloppy. Like concrete before its painted. Its as it was just left on. Its a ghastly tower. Fortunately, 25 Park Row will have to block that view. The cross bracing too. :face_vomiting:





Great shot, Brome




It’s great to see this above ground level!



Not wasting any time with this one!


They are moving fast! There were a ton of workers on site yesterday so I guess that is why.


The pedestrian walkway is now inside the building, offering plenty of peeks at the unfinished ground floor.


Nice shots, Brome.

Do you have any more downtown updates (e.g., SLG’s B’Way tower or 75 Nassau)?



NIce shots, 5B!

This block went from heinous to heavenly!




Great shots Tec!


Koodoo25 on ssp


I assume the new yellow climbing enclosure means they’re getting ready to go vertical at a faster pace.


couple days ago