NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


yesterday afternoon:


1 beekman seems to have stalled?


Yes and no. I see workers there every day, even on weekends. They’re still quite busy doing something.

I’ve heard what sounds like a lot of jackhammer and hammer drill noises from deep inside, so it’s possible that they screwed something up in some way, and are correcting it before resuming concrete pours.

It’s also a very tiny site, and they’ve clearly been reconfiguring the sidewalk sheds, etc. to make room for concrete trucks. I would guess the small site presents a lot of logistical challenges. Perhaps there was always going to be a necessary pause at this point to reconfigure equipment and staging areas before going past the first floor. (Although it has been a very long pause…)


Nice shots, Way


By the look of it, they’re already done with the piles and starting on the foundation. (Today, the pile drills are gone and they’re bringing a lot of wood for forms onto the site.) 23 Park Row is moving right along!



This tower is going to be utterly stunning!!!


Yeah, I’m pretty stoked about the details in that rendering. It looks great.



YIMBY had the full rendering today.


YIMBY strikes again!


All of the signage on the site lately seems to use 25 Park Row as the address, so I’m changing the title here.



Nice shot, Brome


This is starting to rise quickly!




Great updates all around lately!

However, the building in the middle which has been rising quickly is 1 Beekman. 25 Park Row is still building the foundation next door.



so many great updates, rbrome!


I agree. The Brominator strikes again. Hasta la vista, baby!