NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


That is fantastic! Wow!

701’ to the top!


I’m looking forward to this


Nov 28


Pretty nice shots, robertwalpole! ^^


Thx, Dragon.

23 Park Row will be visible in that view in a few years (until 2 WTC blocks it)!


You’re welcome and that’s true.


There’s actually activity on the site now. It looks like work has stopped at 1 Beekman while they shore up the property line at 23 Park Row? …maybe? Hard to tell. But there does seem to be less work at 1 Beekman and something at 23 Park Row.

There’s also a drill that may be doing test piles at 23 Park Row.


Thx for the update, Bromeister.


Filed with the DOB on Nov 18. I like this!




I agree, VG. The initial rendering looked lame, but this is really nice!


I’m so pleased that we’re getting two beautiful buildings in place of this heinous garbage!


Dec 2

Calling Mr. Beckett!!

The proposed tower will fill this gap quite nicely!




Damn u/c already. Its been a good month in terms of foundation start up for many projects.


Is the foundation in the 2nd pic for 23 Park Row or 1 Beekman?


It’s 1 Beckman.


Jan 4th

I can’t wait for the day that this tower is visible from this perspective.