NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


March 7th


March 24th


April 4th



Wow, this will tower over 5 Beekman! This tower has potential to be anywhere from 750’ to 800’ tall! Cheers!


I agree! This is great news.


Apparently, Cook Fox is the architect. It should be nice.

PS: It’s 691’.


It will make up for 5 Beekman. I’m kinda 50/50 on that development. I like certain parts of it, but its not the best design IMO. Just passable really. Hopefully this will be a stunner with a nice crown.


I agree, Chris.

I’ve said all along that 5 Beekman will be obscured by this new tower. 5 Beekman is nothing great.


This should also have lots of visibility when viewed from the north, or from City Hall Park.


I agree! I hope that Cook Fox comes up with a nice design.

I’m elated for this blighted corner in an otherwise beautiful area to be redeveloped. I’ve hated this block for a very long time.


I agree, CookFox does nice work. Glad to see a taller tower fill up that spot.


April 19th

As previously noted, 5 Beekman will be completely obscured.


April 22


As previously stated, the demo of this entire block of junk will open up stunning views of the gorgeous old building behind thIs garbage, which has been obscured for years .

April 25th

Bonus shot: St. Paul’s Church which pre-dates the Anerican Revolution, as seen from the site of the future tower.


I love park row, in my opinion some of the most beautiful buildings in New York are there. The potter building is stunning. I think my one of my dream NY apartments is here. Just staring at that gem.


Cinco de Mayo

JDS’ 1066’ tower on the Junior’s site should be in this line of sight!!!


May 13, 2016


May 28th


Nice shots, robert! :slight_smile: