NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS




I know it’s been said many times in this thread, but it can’t be stated enough… This stretch of Park Row used to be such an eyesore. For my whole life it was just a incongruous mess of JR Records properties that were blanketed in logos and ads of electronics manufacturers. So to have this area transformed is a huge win. Of course, the dreadful Pace buildings lurk nearby… Maybe one decade Pace will do the right thing!



Looks like it just topped out.



This tower looks better with orange construction netting than the Beekman Residences and 19 Dutch do completed.




this is fantastic. I hope the other sides are given the same treatment.




Not quite, but could be worse.

I do hope they plan on something other than bare concrete to cover the core.


It has such a grand presence!



are those floodlights I see on Woolworth? Yes? Another step towards the restoration of Lower Manhattan’s skyline is near!

World Trade Centre Observation Deck by Stew Elliott, on Flickr



Hm, I need to get a better look at that crown. The geometry of it is fine, but I’m not sure about the materials – I had assumed the crown would share the same cladding as of the rest of the building. I would hate to see such a lovely tower – really, one of the loveliest currently on the rise – unappealingly capped off. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case!



Jury duty? :wink:


Haha close. Work duty in court


What’s that white older building to the very right in your first pic?