NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS



Aerial View, Lower Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, East River, One World Observatory, New York City by Lenny Spiro, on Flickr



Great shot, Brome. This tower is beautiful!


best part about this tower is that it makes the one behind it look tolerable,


This one has a very narrow profile from the North and South. Kinda reminds me of 220 CPS in some respects except that one is super skinny from the East and West.

It was my desperate wish when they tore down most of the block that Urban Muse would sell the rights to 1 Beekman to L+M (or co-develop). Sorry about the old camera.


Really nice shots, Side Street!!! This block transformed from hell to heaven!



On a side note: is any work being done at all on One Beekman? It seems there’s been very little progress in months.


Oh yes. No stop at One Beekman. They’re just moving at the usual place there… that of a snail.










That crappy Pace building must come down.


it really is ugly.
Depressing considering that this is what it replaced:




Oh that hurts. :frowning:

You rarely see that kind of craftsmanship nowadays. Back during the era where architecture took effort.


Such a beautiful street wall forming.