NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS



Nice picture here:

the BMW bridges by Karen Green, on Flickr

It’s so tall now! Holy cow. It really shot up quickly. I love it! :smiley:



These look to be from a while ago, no? It’s definitely taller than that now.


Aerial view of lower Manhattan looking at the Brooklyn bridge, NYC USA by Patrick Foto :wink:, on Flickr




Looks like the upper half of the crown part is all that’s left



Agreed. Certainly occupied floors are topped out.


Great picture. On a side note, I love the Long Lines Building. So bizarre and creepy, and better than usual Brutalism. I’m surprised it’s not in more films.


Agreed. I hate brutalism but I love it.


Feel same way. I love the…what are they… not windows…“ports”? haha. Also interesting texture and color.


I hope they don’t f— up the back of this building.


Personally I don’t care about the back much since you’ll see 5 Beekman most of the time which is worse than a blank wall


30 Park Place, Woolworth, and 25 Park Row will make a very handsome cluster.


Agreed @colrain this building complements the area nicely. 5 Beekman on the other hand, is a turd in the punch bowl. I still can’t believe that thing got built. Just looking at it, I can imagine the conversations between the architects,

“Hey, sooo the roof is just flat and concrete…kinda looks like a driveway. Should we put something there?”

“Hmm…we have some left over steel beams. Maybe we can make some sweet pyramids out of them.”

“Right…sure. And what about the back of the building? It’s also just boring concrete.”

“Well we used the spare steel on the roof so let’s just paint fake steel on the back”




This is helping to block 5 Beekman.


All I ever see in 5 Beekman is a certain Madonna pointy outfit that she donned.The building would be significantly better without those pyramids.