NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS





Taken this evening. Started installing glass on the base


Awesome pics. I really hope this building gets a lot of exposure and inspires more like this.:drooling_face:


Also I love that some of these newer buildings that are being built next to landmarked buildings are able to focus on all sides of the design. Unlike the early 1900’s projects they know the buildings next to them can’t be replaced. It’s almost like NY is starting to take it’s final form in some small sections of the city.


great pictures 726, this block is becoming even more gorgeous by the day!


Thanks guys. Yes, it’s a huge improvement over what was there before. If only this happened more often in such good quality design lol


This tower is the second coming



I love downtown.



With this whole area quickly turning into one of the nicest parts of the city I comped up a quick idea that popped in my head, just for fun (pipe dream).

Now keep in mind I know nothing about traffic flows/studies but I started to question why the Brooklyn Bridge exit ran right through the middle of downtown. My thinking was that having so many cars compacted in such a cramped space was completely outdated for the modern era.

Shouldn’t the entry and exit to the Brooklyn Bridge be accessed via FDR, for the sake of movement/overall flow? If the city were to close off that BB access you could potentially limit that entire area down to just two lanes. Then you could make the whole area into a much more pedestrian friendly/beautiful area. IDK entering and exiting on the FDR just seems like it makes way more sense when you factor in how many cars are constantly running straight through such a central and compact location. I mean if the goal of that exit ramp is to get cars from the Brooklyn Bridge over to Broadway, why not just loop them around Battery Park? Same road, just a little bit further down. Tearing down Pace would provided plenty of room for additional on ramps that might be needed.

Just a random pipe dream that I think would make way more sense for the area.


Im sure there would be some sort of traffic troubles in some way but anything’s better than Pace.

I’d best prefer a perfect recreation of the Tribune Building and a decent development behind it on the rest of Pace’s site. That would never happen though.


Was that beautiful old building on the Park Row block where these towers are rising now?




There better be some nice facade ornamentation on that highfalutin Richard Rogers on the corner or its going to be completely overshadowed.


The Tribune Building (if you mean that one above) was demolished in 1966-67 for Pace University. An 1874 skyscraper gone for what was initially a 3 story disappointment.


Thanks. I thought it was on the Pace site.


There will be.

You can see the outline of a grid where they are going to add some extra ornamentation (they have those elements outlined in the renderings).



great vantage point!