NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


Yeah all of Pace is unfortunate :smirk:




Very nice. The NYC aesthetic of dark windows and masonry is evolving apace. This will undoubtedly spawn more like it.


@JC_Heights I work downtown (on Reade St) and they have these trucks there all the time delivering these HUGE facade/window segments. All the trucks are coming from Ontario (I’ve noticed - over the years - a lot of high-rise windows are trucked in from Canada). Anyway, super impressive up close, this building is high class all the way.



More I see height and cladding the more I love it.


I find that funny cause here in Toronto even our luxury skyscrapers don’t have the quality that u see in New York


Falco and others have much nicer pics, but here is one I took 9/20. This shot would look quite a bit different just 3 years ago:


Credit: Rich Ryan


How high is this one now?


A little above 600 feet


Looks like around 580-600 ft based on 5 Beekman being at 687 ft as a reference. 5 Beekman is the tower with the pvc pipe architectural elements. A truly terrible tower. Fortunately 25 Park will mask some of the damage done.



Don’t forget the poorly painted concrete on 5 Beekman. Classy.


Thank goodness photo shop exists. Can just erase that blight when taking pics of Woolworth. Can’t have an impurity in the shot. The shot must be clean and pure!

I’m pro-development as hell, but jesus, when building near real works of art, like Woolworth, the tower should of been denied based on poor design.

As-of-right is one thing, and I think zoning citywide needs to be increased, but around landmarks, design aesthetics is important. Would be one of those cases where a design-review board would be nice (with a larger radius of coverage vs the conventional landmarks review board for “X” land marked parcel). One that doesn’t care about height, but aesthetics (only around treasures or angles that could deface things like the ESB or Woolworth if designed poorly).

Good thing 45 Broad is stunning, but can you imagine if it was rubbish. The blight that it would cause?


Older pic but beautiful photography.



Looking at that rendering again, they’re definitely starting to pour the penthouse floors now.


Yea side by side, looks like they’re exactly at that last setback before the final 6 (or so) occupied floors