NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


They’re spending a lot to renovate the Pace building right now. It will be there for a while.


That stinks


I’m confused again.

SSP has this same building listed as 23 Park Row @691’.

I can see the addy difference; but where’d the 11 feet come from?

Or is it a from-street-level vs. AMSL thing?


Could be a sea level thing. But there were a few height changes throughout the planning process, so maybe that could be the reason. I think 702 is the official height and that is above street level. So if there was a sea level height it should be higher by a little. They probably just didnt update the height there after the last update.





This truck was over on broadway across the park


THis tower is gorgeous!!!


Glass is amazing.
Facade is amazing.
Design is amazing.


Just a reminder of what this block used to look like:



Downtown is undergoing such a renaissance. Just after 9/11, the area where the Fulton Street Transit Center now stands was a filthy warren of garbage. I won’t be pleased, however, until that filthy, two-story block on Maiden and Nassau is razed.


Yeah that little retail building needs to be redeveloped eventually. Google street view.


It’s horrible, and it detracts from the many gorgeous buildings nearby.


I want to believe that there is a certain part of Robert’s brain which is entirely reserved for awful buildings that should be razed hahhaha.


That block is home to many great buildings with the exception of that scum (and maybe the new Pace dorms) like the Cushman Building

I hope this one is landmarked some day. I don’t know why but I love it.
I hope something replaces that 2 story and maybe the tenement north of it someday.


if @robertwalpole ever stole a bulldozer he’d be a dangerous man


I’d be happy to give it him if I had it though.
For the betterment of the city




I like Gaga!




Now all that’s left are the tenements on the other end of the block.

Are these set to disappear soon? or would that be a wasted opportunity with the puny lot size?