NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS




You saved me a post. Ha



Slowly but surely closing off the view of 8 Spruce




wow! Much better than the earlier rendering! This will be the nicest tower to grace Lower Manhattan since 8 Spruce. Not even 30 Park Place compares.


Agreed. I like the more frontal leaning crown from the earlier render a little more, but still this is an art form.


I’m anxious to see more façade parts in person. The prefab concrete panels they’ve installed so far on the property lines is not all that great. I hope the front is better.


Looking at that render the lot line panels look a lot less rich and more bland than the regular facade design, so I hope we get a beautiful high quality tower out of this



I wouldn’t worry about the concrete component of this tower. It looks like it’s mostly glass anyway.

Meanwhile the ultimate flattery in real estate development is having your tower show up in another development’s beauty shots: e.g. Woolworth, 56 Leonard, and 30 Park.


Finally, some Façade parts are going up on the front.



Here’s a photo with some shadow and depth that better shows off the contours of the façade pieces installed so far.



Credit: FC


I’m so pleased that this prominent block went from utterly heinous to beautiful. I’d like to see one of the traffic lanes eliminated and turned into greenspace.


My dreams for this area:

Achieved: redeveloping this block

potential: reclad or demolition(unlikely) of 250 Broadway and/or 222 Broadway, glorifying the street and/or intersection of Park Row and Broadway

Impossible Dream: removal of Pace’s abomination

Deathwish: rebuilding the Tribune Building


I think that Pace’s horrible PoS will be redeveloped.