NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS




It would be nice if several traffic lanes were removed and replaced with greenspace.


Pic by me. Taken 7-14-18.

20180714_193522 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


You might get your wish today…


Nice shot, Chris



This is a good day for me.


Welp, all they did was hoist the panels up to the top today. Perhaps the truck had to go and they weren’t ready to install them yet. I’m not sure.

Since they’re large and opaque, they may be destined for the mechanical floor that was poured a few weeks ago (and seemed to slow progress temporarily.)


Came across site, I work there and concrete just finished mid level mechanical floors and all the walls are concrete. We have equipment in there too. I asked the GC about the panels and they are installed on outside above the two buildings next to us and below beam protection that will be installed over the neighbors so they dont have to come back later. The other panels start after this in a few weeks


Great info! Thanks!

Sure enough, I see the panels installed over 1 Beekman:

It’s refreshing to see something other than blank concrete (or worse, exposed cinderblock!) in a spot like this.



To me this is a little like the 100 Broadway of today. There’s actual effort put into the normally blank walls, unlike it’s awkward concrete neighbor, and others nearby.









great updates rbrome!


From yesterday.