NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS



These projects are restoring this street to glory. It’s amazing how junky the buildings here were before.

This is stunnng!




IMG_1140 by AB 09, on Flickr


This whole civic center area could be restored to its former grandeur, after decades of being some rotting roaming ground for Brooklyn bridge tourists


Unfortunately the area that leads into this is tragic and stubbornly unmovable: 375 Pearl and Pace University, plus the FDR which should be torn down as well.


They fixed up the Verizon place a bit at least…
Pace isnt great though


I didn’t expect that glass to look that clean, that is glorious.

If simple glass looks like that on 1 beekman, I’m hyped to see the cladding here.


Andrew Nelson Campbell on Yimby


This is rising very, very fast now.


Park Row on street view from as recently as 2011:

J&R Records had to be the LAST place on earth that was still using those old school carbon copy credit card imprinter machines…Anyway, glad to see this going up!


YES! I’m actually way hyped for this project and I’m proud of myself for it.


This particular view of the skyline has already changed dramatically in just the last few years, and it will change even more once 25 Park Row is done.



reminds me of this jingle.


Great shot, Brome.


The question that concerns me is; where is the cladding? I’m desperate to see it outside of renders.



Yesterday. Higher than beekman next door already.


The back: