NEW YORK | 25 Park Row | 702 FT | 54 FLOORS


Aug 16th

Beautiful old City Hall!

The Park Place tower should be visible from this perspective in a few years!


The impact this and the other building on Park Row have on the neighborhood will be tremendous. Will mark the true transition point between neglected old commercial space & thriving residential neighborhood, I think.


downtown’s post-9/11 renaissance continues.


Demolition is crawling along. But it’s finally down to the basement level. If you look carefully, you’ll see a yellow excavator sticking out of the basement.


Great update, Bromeister!


Demolition is winding down. They’ve taken down most of the sidewalk shed.


Quick question. Do you think that when this building gets built, will they leave a blank wall on the south side with the Park Row Building is? Just worried we’re gonna have another ugly blank concrete wall like 5 Beekman but hopfully they finish it off because it’s a major selling point for good views and south exposure. What do you think?


I absolutely share your concern. In my opinion, the “back” of The Beekman tower is even uglier than the stucco maze on 161 Front St (Fairfield Inn), and that’s saying something. I do hope this new Park Row building pays more mind to all visible sides.

It’s so important with a building of this height. We can’t leave the next generation with a skyline that includes yet another skyscraper that looks no better than a ginormous cinderblock monolith from our city’s most historic vantage points.

I live in the neighborhood and do plan to attend CB1 meetings and voice this concern.


I wonder how much the design will change.

Interestingly, 1 Park Row also will be redeveloped in time.



Just looks like they removed a bit more earth and debris on the western side since the last update, but no work was being done yesterday.


This is from last week, but the same work continues today. It looks like they’re manually shaving a layer of bricks from the party wall on the property line, to get a few extra inches to work with.

They still haven’t formally presented anything to CB1, or even scheduled that, as far as I can tell, so actual construction isn’t imminent.


This is an as-of-right building. I doubt they would make a presentation to the Community Board.


They did make one presentation already, but without renderings. I was there. They promised to come back with renderings and present them.



Aren’t those the renderings that Yimby posted?


I was the tipster for those renderings, which came from the investment site.

Since then, the developers went before CB1 and explained that the design was being revamped in response to zoning law changes. If the revamped design is even finished, I don’t think it’s public yet.

The new design could be simply shuffling interior walls to remove an affordable component, or it could be a dramatically different design.

I’m not even sure it was ever confirmed that that rendering reflected the actual working design at the time. It might have been just a much earlier draft just to show to potential investors.


Thanks, Bro.

I think the Cook Fox design was lame. I hope it’s improved.


Oct 6


All’s Quiet on the Western Front!

Nov 8


placeholder or a glimpse of the new design? The massing is very similar to the design revealed by YIMBY, making me think it might be a placeholder. They might have only slightly tweaked the design, of course.


Beautiful !!’

This is basically what Yimby initially revealed…

But now Cook Fox is showing us the rest!