NEW YORK | 247 Cherry Street | 1008 FT | 79 FLOORS


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Here’s a bit in the terra cotta:


Oh damn, I didn’t know they were going to build this over an existing building


When I was there and comparing it to this render I knew something had to be off because the empire state building would be in Brooklyn in the below shot. I figured it couldn’t literally be built right on top of the 10 story building in JC’s pic. Its going to cover a bunch of windows. Why don’t they just tear the little thing down?


only in new york would they build straight on top of another building, seriously where else would that even be considered!


In Toronto lol. Check out 488 University ave.


That is some awesome work in Toronto, but I think he was talking about how it cantilevers over the existing structure.


The following link as a supplement on this tower ((information/pdf’s (at the bottom)):

Information & Plans all the way at the bottom.