NEW YORK | 247 Cherry Street | 1008 FT | 79 FLOORS


Nice work, JC


be ready for Tower Verre 2.0 if this isnt shot down.

Margaret Chin introduced legislation Thursday that would change the way city government handles rezoning proposals and give elected officials even more power to block new projects. If the law is approved, Chin could use it to try to dictate the size and scale of three long-planned waterfront towers just north of the Manhattan Bridge in the Two Bridges neighborhood.

Chin plans to use the altered rules to immediately introduce a zoning tweak that would force the developers of the three towers to go through the public-review process. That would give Chin the power to kill the proposals unless the developers meet her demands, which would likely entail scaling back the height of the buildings and thus reduce their residential density


this won’t stop the NIMBYs


Some people are vicious xenophobia others are just afraid of new development displacing them.


Some schematics of 247 Cherry. :slight_smile:


can someone post the link to the pdf above? Is it available somewhere?


There are several chapters on the LES projects found here:

Of interest are chapters 8, 1, 2, and apendix B and G.

Go to chapter 1 for diagrams:





This was approved by city planning! :beers:


Via NY ZAP search (screenshot)


I hope we see some action starting on all the LES sites in the first half of next year.

It’ll be great seeing everything rising at the same time, like Hudson Yards!

And finally One Manhattan Square will have friends and look less awkward on the skyline!


Looks like theres another roadblock


not unless a judge orders the project be halted - though let’s face it, that’s their primary goal here. Delay, delay, delay until they finally pass legislation that gives them power over it. That shouldn’t be legally allowed. Let’s hope the judge is sensible and dismisses the case.





That is amazing news!!! Merry Christmas everyone! :slight_smile: Looks like it came early this year!


I am hoping this one turns out like a supertall Fitzroy. Love that terra cotta.


I went looking for the site the other day and had to compare it with the ground area renders. I was surprised that it isn’t obvious where precisely it will sprout from. I believe its the parking lot below. At first I thought it was the NYCHA maintenance building in the top photo (which is West across the street from 1 Manhattan Square).


I think it is going to be built over this 10 story building which is pretty unique.