NEW YORK | 247 Cherry Street | 1008 FT | 79 FLOORS


LES residents wounded by land use review rejection fight back
Following last week’s ULURP rejection, the community is gearing up to address concerns at the next committee meeting


JDS’s Lower East Side tower will be reviewed by City Planning

City Planning has now decided to review the application after another application for a nearby development was withdrawn


so good new lately it seems.

  1. NIMBYs shot down
  2. City moving forward with review (was being held up by a lawsuit)





What is that green facade? Is it terra cotta ?

Seems like SHoP really likes using terra cotta. Reminds me of 111 57th. Looks great.


yes, it’s terracotta



New Building Size
Area*: Approximately 504,175 square feet

Building Height
Tower Height: Approximately 79 floors / 1,008 feet

Residential Units
Total Number of Rental Units: Up to 660 units (all rental)
Permanently Affordable Units: 25% (integrated throughout the building)


Approximately 2,500 square feet of new neighborhood retail at the corner of Cherry Street and Rutgers Slip

Open Space
The pedestrian pathway connecting Cherry Street and Rutgers Slip will be redesigned with additional green space and amenities to support resident and community use


Fantastic! Pushing past the 1000ft mark in this area is astounding, especially to consider how the area looked a year ago, and still even today!

I assume the design with basically stay the same bar a few tweaks to the base and a further slender tower.


Amazing! 1,008’ is big time especially for that area. That area is going to be a new supertall corridor in lower Manhattan in a few years.


660 unit building with no parking! This is completely absurd!


I agree that at least some parking is required, however with how much New Yorkers use public transport and taxis and the range they get I can understand why. I’m sure the majority of the residents are wealthy enough to buy/rent a personal garage of there own down the road anyway haha!

That’s one reason as to why NY is so great, that even though many of you are professionals and work in the city, you still use public transport for the majority of your journeys. Over here in England it’s the opposite despite the great public transport networks in some of our cities like my home city, Nottingham.


It’s Manhattan. I live in a 900-unit building with no parking. It’s wonderful.



That sounds very complicated. I read it twice and I still dont think I understand whats going, or who is suing who. :confused:



FAA filing:


"Work Schedule: 02/28/2018 to 02/28/2021"
"Total height: 1,023 feet "


That is great news! I bet this tower will look great too.

Here is a render I made of what it could look like from jersey city.