NEW YORK | 247 Cherry Street | 1008 FT | 79 FLOORS


Wow! I love that it’s gonna be terracotta. I honestly think it will look much better IRL the renders look a bit unusual as said before hahaha. A whole new cluster is forming around the manhattan bridge it’s crazy haha


I was trying to check the DOB for any extra info but it seems like there’s nothing up yet. Can’t wait for a design review to come out. This is exciting news because of the location. Its 900 feet that will really be noticeable. Its also massive or bulky. If it was in midtown, I’d be just another brick in the wall, but the fact that its further bridging the two skyline nodes is unique. Good to have towers here as it will draw attention from those ugly NYCHA projects that litter the LES.


this will be a tad taller than Coach tower is (and without a crown like coach has too add).

Just see how dominant coach looks right now complete exposed to waterfront. This one will be even more so.



sound like a bunch of whiners. They are building a 900 foot tower in Manhattan… The residents only hope of stopping this would be rezoning. Something like that has to go all the way the city government and takes years. And I doubt it would pass.


It consistently blows my mind when people in Manhattan, of all places, complain about new skyscrapers. With that said, I think the reason it happens is that people become desensitized to all the existing structures. When something new is announced, they see it as a change to the landscape, even though it fits in perfectly. This change makes them uncomfortable in the same way that building a skyscraper out in the country would upset rural folks. In other words, they view the existing buildings as part of the geography and of the cityscape. Anything new being constructed upsets that preconceived balance even though its all artificial in the first place.


Conservatism in a nutshell


thought about the same thing a little while back. My argument to them would be yes, it will change your city. But guess what in 40 years your kids and going to be in the same room as you crying because some developer is going to build something new that blocks the view of the tower that his father fought against.

To me the best argument is to take past hugely successful project and point out to them that almost all of them have people like them who hated them and protested against them. Eiffel Tower, ESB, and heck I am sure Ramses had to deal with some peasants protest some monument to the sun was blocking their view of the Nile.

And if the reason is because they truly fear gentrification then they are very very selfish. Essentially saying the have the right to block progressive because they deserve to be able to live there. Move up or get out.


This is the reason 1000% I do believe.


Son of L.E.S. supertall; Second huge high-rise planned at Two Bridges




Build it


this one will sit in proposal for a few years. I am tracking they are targeting 2018 start the development.


The next step should be a comprehensive rethink of the entire East Side from the Seaport all the way to Peter Cooper Village & Stuytown.

These neighborhoods will be vulnerable to rising sea levels and they won’t be viable without long-term defenses, but there is no point defending them if their potential is not realized.

The ample green space & decrepit mid-century buildings should be reconfigured into a new ultra-dense residential district with something like 25% “affordable” housing but 4-5X the overall density, with shops and some office mixed in as well.

Extell & JDS’ towers are great, but it will take a much more comprehensive rethink to truly fix this part of NYC, although it should definitely be encouraged.


Another tower??


The entire East Side from the BK Bridge to the Midtown Tunnel could be razed and redeveloped. It would be especially beneficial if such a scheme included a sea wall with an integrated transit line (imagine an external wall which had internals including a subway or elevated line). Now that would be sensible! :wink:


Very much agreed. The FDR provides a great place to start. One could even extend this vision to East Harlem.

‘High Line’ Park
FDR… |
Mass transit… |


I love the taste of NIMBY tears. It appears JDS and SHoP will pull the ‘skyscraper on stilts’ trick (literally, in this case) to make this tower a true supertall.

The Lo-Down: Development Frenzy Leads to Pleas For Master Plan in Two Bridges Area


I wonder how successful they will be in blocking efforts


I don’t think they will be successful. They already got duped w/ 227 Cherry.