NEW YORK | 242 W 53rd St | 675 FT | 62 FLOORS


Permits Filed: 242 West 53rd Street


242 West 53rd Street – image by CetraRuddy

The first permits are up for the Roseland Ballroom redevelopment; the venue had its final show in April, and it will soon be replaced by a 62-story tower. CetraRuddy is the design architect, and renderings surfaced earlier this year; the site’s developer is Algin Management.

242 West 53rd Street will measure 452,896 square feet, including 16,514 square feet of retail on the first two levels. The remainder will be divided between 426 units, and the development will become one of the largest residential towers in the neighborhood; the site spans through the block, and has another address at 239 West 52nd Street.

239 West 52nd Street viewed from the southwest — image from Cetra/Ruddy

Rising 675 feet to its roof, 242 West 53rd Street will also become one of the tallest residential towers in Midtown West; any additional ornament could push the total height to approximately 700′, which approaches ‘significant’ for Manhattan. While the tower would be iconic in most major cities, the extreme density of Midtown will block views from northern, eastern, and southern perspectives.

Still, the skyscraper will be visible from New Jersey, and residences will have expansive panoramas of both the Hudson River and the Midtown skyline; the highest units will also have slivers of Central Park within their sights. The Schedule A indicates the project will have an open rooftop space, complementing an extensive amenity package in the lower levels; given the overall scope, rentals would appear likely.

239 West 52nd Street — image from Cetra/Ruddy

Aesthetically, 242 West 53rd Street is impressive, presenting an undulating exercise in contemporary design; CetraRuddy’s creation will add to both the skyline and the streetscape, enhancing the surrounding neighborhood with its retail base. Its twists and turns add a sense of humanity to the design, and its dynamism will contrast nicely against nearby monoliths.

No completion date has been formally announced, but a 2017 opening would seem likely now that construction is imminent.




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Dec 30, 2015


The sidewalks adjacent to the site are blocked off.

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