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Permits Filed: 24-16 Queens Plaza South


42-02 Crescent Street, just above blue dot, overhead shot from Bing Maps

Another day, another permit filed for an apartment building on Crescent Street, in Long Island City.

Today’s filing comes at the corner of Crescent Street and Queens Plaza South, right below the Queensboro Bridge, for a 14-story residential building. The permit for the structure at 24-16 Queens Plaza South gives no unit count, but pegs the total floor area at 91,064 square feet, of which 3,634 would be commercial space (likely retail) and the balance would be residential.

YIMBY could not get in touch with the developer, but the high ceilings – the building would reach 170 feet, with more than 12 feet per floor – combined with the generally hot market in the Court Square area suggests condominiums. (Another hint is that nearby builders, including yesterday’s filing at 42-44 Crescent, are doing condos.)

The apartments would replace a five-story pre-war office building, which has signs for a post office, dentist and lawyer. While the current structure is nice looking, commercial buildings offer large assemblages of land under unified ownership – ideal for redevelopment – and New York City builders have been razing sites like it for over a century.

Maamin Properties is the developer (they share an address with Urban Company), and SLCE is the architect of record.


Here is an update from earlier today. This building will have 23 floors.


this could be interesting.



On first look I didnt think anything new was going on since the similar post in august. But if you look very close to the sides of the roof there may be some construction netting. Maybe they have started to prep the roof for vertical expansion?

I bet a much better look can be taken from the top/eastbound level of the 7 train at queensboro plaza station. I was on the walkway over queens plaza south. So the view from the top level of the station woul be about 20 feet higher.


Looks like the early site prep stages. I wonder if the white hats could be seen walking in and out? Anytime you have those managers nearby, might signal the start of work soon. Gathering data and eventually, leading to construction.



When viewed from the 7 train you can see that a few of the top floors, at least, have been completely cleared out and just some construction lighting inside. Scaffolding is also up on the rear.


yesterday afternoon



earlier today


Last Sunday


From a few days ago


going vertical.


This one is up a few floors on top of the old building already.


Yesterday. Should have another 6-7 floors to go.