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Revealed: 24-12 42nd Road


24-12 42nd Road, image by Ampiera/My-Architecture

Permits are up for a new mixed-use development at 24-12 42nd Road, in Long Island City’s Court Square neighborhood. The site’s developer is The Ampiera Group, and the architect of record is My-Architecture.

The DOB filings indicate that 24-12 42nd Road will have 4,328 square feet of commercial space on the building’s ground floor, with 29,403 square feet of residential above; the building will be split between 36 units, and the project will stand eight stories and 84 feet tall.

24-12 42nd Road, image by Ampiera/My-Architecture

Ampiera’s website has images of a ‘future project’ that fit the filings for 24-12 42nd Road, and while the renderings are not completely encompassing, they reveal a structure that is more appealing than most new development in Court Square. Small balconies protrude from the facade, and the exterior seems to be set back from the street-wall, but relatively detailed metalwork along the exterior is a pleasant respite from more monotonous projects in the vicinity.

24-12 42nd Road, image by Ampiera/My-Architecture

The location of 24-12 42nd Street is currently marginal, and the vicinity is dominated by warehouses and vacant lots, though Ampiera’s site is currently occupied by a two-story home that will soon be demolished. While new development is booming in Long Island City, the neighborhood is still developing block by block; slowly but surely it is evolving into an urbane locale, and even with imperfections, 24-12 is a step in the right direction.

24-12 42nd Road, image via Google Maps

No completion date for 24-12 42nd Street has been announced, but evidently plans should be proceeding shortly.


Demolition begins at 24-12 42nd Road

Posted on July 23, 2014 by CtSqLIC

Construction crews erected a fence at 24-12 42nd Road

The gray/green building at 24-12 42nd Road isn’t long for this world



Rendering on site looks different than the previous renderings above.


From last week.




Still covered for facade work.





Turned out pretty good