NEW YORK | 237 Duffield St | 223 FT | 23 FLOORS


Taken yesterday.

I dont think there is a thread for this one yet. It sits right behind 420 and 436 Albee square west. It looks like it will be built next to the indigo hotel.

Looks like construction is above ground already.


I also spotted 3 other sites on th east side of duffield. 217 duffield. 221 duffield amd the corner site on willoughby. All appear to be under demolition. The site on the corner and mostly on willoughby next to 100 willoughby was just finished being cleared yesterday. It is a pretty large site and if the other 2 on duffield are part of the assemblage it could easily hold a tower larger than 100 willoughby. Anyone know anything about this? The site is 106-124 willoughby.











Great pics!


Thanks Street


not bad.

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