NEW YORK | 23-15 44th Drive (Court Square City View Tower) | 762 FT | 66 FLOORS




I got some street level shots as well.


FAA submission for a tower crane:


Interesting, crane height mentions 1119ft. Isn’t it a bit tall for a building that’s supposed to be 762ft?


Yeah that does seem ridiculous and almost impossible for a crane to be that high at the top even with the boom sticking straight up. It only makes sense if this is based off of the old 963 ft design. I doubt it will go back to that height though.


Is this faa listing accurate/up to date? I see a lot of 2016 dates on there which would make sense for when they were planning the taller tower.


I don’t believe this particular form is up to date. While I was browsing the evaluation list, the heights were different.






I spy…

Sony Alpha a7 III ILCE‑7M3 by Emil abu Milad, on Flickr


It will be great to see that blank concrete wall go away once this one goes up.



A few more from a few days ago…


A venture planning to develop a soaring condominium tower in Long Island City, Queens, has scored a $502 million construction loan for the 802-apartment project


Crane is up!



Credit: LIC Court


I couldn’t grab a pic because the train was coming but this should be moved to U/C. It’s at least 2 floors above ground now.