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Continuing the discussion from NEW YORK | LIC Queens Rezoning - Queens Plaza Subdistrict:

The seven parcels – which each contain two- or three-story multi-family townhouses – collectively span 11,145 square feet. Across the street from the Citi Building in Queens, the properties are located at 23-10 45th Avenue, 45-03 23rd Street; 45-05 23rd Street; 45-07 23rd Street; 45-09 23rd Street; 23-14 45th Avenue; and 23-16 45th Avenue. The assemblage’s combined frontage on both 45th Avenue and 23rd Street is 155 feet.

A consortium of six private landlords owns the buildings. The owners, respectively, are Bert Kupferman, Juena Akhter, Esther Guadiello, Mary Pura Rera (for both 45-07 23rd Street and 45-09 23rd Street), Constance Gil and Gerda Milin.

Modern Spaces and the Corcoran Group jointly assembled the land for the sale and are marketing it as a mixed-use development site to a single owner.

A Modern Spaces team led by Evan Daniel and David Grossmann are marketing all of the parcels but two. A Corcoran team led by Andrew Mapp and Patrick Brennan are marketing 23-14 45th Avenue and 23-16 45th Avenue.

The buildings could be redeveloped to house retail at the base, office above it and a residential component on top, Daniel said.