NEW YORK | 2228-2236 Broadway (220-236 W 80th) | 150 FT | 20 FLOORS




Finish work on lower floors progressing.


Another update. As you can see the exterior on Broadway is complete except for the bottom two commercial levels. That’s also true on the 80th Street entrance side. There are a few minor things to do on the south and rear sides. But this apartment building is entering the final stages of construction.


It’s not worthy of the location, but it’s better than the horrible structure that was shown in earlier renderings.


Agreed. Its a bland, unoffensive building at best. Stern’s building a block north promises to be better though some of his recent designs for very tall buildings don’t thrill me. All we can hope for is that the finishes on the bottom two floors up the ante a bit.


The cold weather has slowed things down. Sidewalk on 80th Street side is done and scaffolding is going up for installation of the commercial level facade on that side. Broadway frontage is behind. Pictures wouldn’t show much new.


Commercial level masonry work shows some prospect of improving the building’s architecture.


Masonry on 80th Street side nearing completion. Not too bad. Probably will give the otherwise average building a pretty nice base.


Is the same masonry on the base of the B’Way side, Chused?


Couldn’t see very well because of construction piles and other stuff but it seems like it. The window systems are alike so I suspect the masonry will follow around the corner. I also guess they are doing 80th first to allow for move-ins to apartments and to leave the unloading area on the Broadway side free of construction until it has to be done.


Thanks. You’re the UWS man!


Thanks for all of the good info. Any clue what’s going up on the adjacent property to the South? There’s a DSW there, but I’m curious with the party wall.


That property is owned by Zabar’s. No idea what they have in mind if anything. By the way there is a Banksy piece on the south side of the building along 79th covered with plexiglass and a sign asking all to help Zabar’s protect the art.


Wow. That’s pretty interesting.


Thanks! I had no clue Zabar’s owned the land across the street.


Someone, of course, may prove me wrong but I’ve heard that from lots of people on the UWS. I guess someone could nail it down by looking it up.


The record owner on ACRIS is probably a cryptic LLC.


This building is nearing completion. The security guard there a couple of days ago said occupants should start to move in in June. The lobby is basically finished and as photo shows the front entrance canopy is done. Reflections barred pics of first floor interior. 80th street masonry is now complete except for some caulking. Broadway side a bit behind but coming along.





I don’t get why the developers would choose to go this route, making such a hideous rental, when right up the street the new RAMSA condo is able to charge skyhigh psf.