NEW YORK | 2228-2236 Broadway (220-236 W 80th) | 150 FT | 20 FLOORS


Great update, Chused!



Unfortunately it looks from CMU work that the south wall will be a solid, windowless “facade.” It is apparently a party wall and is being built in anticipation of another building eventually going up on the corner of 79th and Broadway. That’s certainly understandable, but it is unfortunate for all of us in the short term. That side of the building is visible for many blocks to the south, especially on the west side of Broadway.


Utility penthouse under construction and scaffold for facade masonry work is being installed. We will get a sense of its aesthetics soon.


Nice photos, Chused



This looks much better than the prior renderings .


Masonry work has started. So far looks pretty boring. The devil’s always in the details so we’ll have to wait and see. What, for example, will the set back in the middle of the Broadway side look like? So far bricks are not being laid there. Here are a couple of images.


Masonry work beginning to pick up a bit of speed now that water proofers and masons know the specs. It still looks like a pretty uninteresting piece of architecture.


Nice shot, Chused


Masonry moving along. First windows went in over last days. They improve the aesthetics a bit by creating nice reveals and shadows on the facade.




Not great, but much better than what was initially planned. This would have sucked wang!


Facade almost complete.




Mason scaffold is now gone and facade cleaning is complete on most of Broadway facade. What is now fully visible reveals the truly mundane design. It’s not awful but it will just kind of sit there not calling attention to itself. The cornices are ridiculous. So it goes.


It’s a waste of a great site, but it could have been worse. The original design was horrendous.


It looks like something built in the 90s or early 2000’s on the UWS, before standards improved slightly.


Lip is being installed on the cornice. That’s actually helpful. Creates an important line for the building. Makes the whole thing a bit better.



Since you’re the UWS man, do you know what’s going on at the site on 93rd and B’Way?


Haven’t been up there recently. Last time I checked all was quiet. I’ll take another look at some point.